Simcoe 150 Celebrations

Simcoe 150 Celebrations

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Downtown Simcoe

Entertainment tent on Argyle Street

Saturday, September 23
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Theatre Performances

Live entertainment includes a dramatic reading of Simcoe artist Ellen MacIntosh-Green’s one-woman play The Diaries of Elizabeth Simcoe's Canadian Journey; Now I Know My Eh, B, C’s,a youth theatre play written and directed by Art with Heart’s Nikki Campbell-Schram and performed the Town Hall Kids; improv by Dan Fewings; and a live presentation of the The Oral Tapestry of Norfolk County by Ryan Bommarito.

12:00pm Now I Know my Eh B C's
12:50 The Diaries of Elizabeth Simcoe's Canadian Journey
1:40 Dan Fewings improv
2:30 Ryan Bommarito The Oral Tapestry of Norfolk Experience

Live Music

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Greenfield Dentistry

3:00 Mark Wilson & the Way It Is
4:15 Shallow End
5:40 Go Dog Go

Riversyde 83

Saturday, September 23

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Ontario West Insurance Brokers

The former LCBO hosts two exhibitions of local artwork: an exhibition of paintings by William Edgar Cantelon, one of Norfolk County’s most famous painters, and The Naturalist's Closet, by Marguerite Larmand, one of Norfolk County's leading contemporary artists.

William Edgar Cantelon

Cantelon (1866-1950) was a visionary and an artist who devoted his life to the tireless pursuit of preserving the history of Norfolk County. His studio was located in downtown Simcoe. During good weather, he bicycled up and down the concession roads sketching and painting. He painted the ordinary - ­ family burial grounds, churches, flour mills, tanneries and homes as well as the people who lived here. Hundreds of these paintings still exist today and collectively they tell the story of early Norfolk.

The Naturalist's Closet

Presented by
Simcoe Rotary Club

The Naturalist’s Closet is series of coats that bring attention to aspects of the natural world. Each coat is made with the assistance of support staff in a school, gallery or museum and by community volunteers under the guidance of artist and facilitator Marguerite Larmand. Techniques such as appliqué and crewel embroidery are used and finished coats are gifted to the site in which they were made.

The Naturalist's Closet

Paint & Pint Marathon at the Blue Elephant

Saturday, September 23

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Good Redden Klosler

Painting workshops by popular Norfolk County instructors Nikki Campbell-Schram, Sherry Lloyd, Michelle Snively-Jeffries, and Angela Hardy at Simcoe’s popular brew pub.

11:00am-1:00pm: Sherry Lloyd
1:00pm-3:00pm: Angela Hardy
3:00pm-5:00pm: Michelle Snively-Jeffries
5:00pm-7:00pm: Nikki Campbell-Schram

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The Oral Tapestry of Norfolk County

Saturday, September 23
A multimedia exhibition by Ryan Bommarito, which is part theatre, part art exhibition, and part museum, The Oral Tapestry of Norfolk County will use audio clips of local residents to weave an image of what Norfolk is, and how it got here. Fundamentally personal, immediate, and undoubtedly Norfolk. The exhibition location(s) are yet to be determined.



Dinner and Live Music at Barrel Restaurant

Sunday, September 24

Enjoy a celebratory menu focused on locally grown and produced food at one of Norfolk's most popular restaurants, along with live entertainment from singer Peter Marino.  Featured dish: spicy sausage pappardelle, made with Townsend Butcher's pork sausage in a local red wine pomodoro sauce.



Norfolk Arts Centre, Embodiment

Saturday, September 23

Embodiment is a 30-year retrospective of ceramic sculpture by Governor General’s Award-winning artist Susan Low-Beer. The exhibition draws major work from several series of sculptures documenting the artists’ ongoing engagement with the clay body and how it sits in space. From the totemic stackings of Still Dances, to the architecturally engaged Rocksbreath series, the artist has pushed the medium of clay into a diversity of manifestations.

There is a meditative, spiritual quality to Low-Beer’s human figures that are often genderless and unclothed, but marked by ornate patterns that reference diverse cultures. Many of the figures are composed of fragments of other figures, other bodies, amalgamated into a new whole. The body is a vessel for the spirit and the breath; Low-Beer presents works that prompt a heightened awareness of humanity and a shared perspective on this mortal coil.

Co-curated by Jasmina Jovanovic of the Art Gallery of Algoma and Stuart Reid, this exhibition brings together seminal works by Low-Beer borrowed from private and public collections across Canada. Embodiment will accompanied by a forthcoming publication in both languages documenting this important body of work.

This project is generously funded through Department of Canadian Heritage, Museum Assistance Program.Organized and circulated by the Art Gallery of Algoma and generously funded through the Department of Canadian Heritage, Museum Assistance Program.