Port Dover 150 Celebrations

Port Dover 150 Celebrations

Presented by
Dover Foundation Tri County Insurance

Sandplains Serenade at Lighthouse Festival Theatre

Friday, September 22
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Port Dover's celebration begins Friday night, September 22, with the toe-tapping virtuosity of the Sandplains Serenade. Enjoy a feel-good showcase of exceptional musicianship, three-part vocal harmonies, and engaging storytelling at Lighthouse Festival Theatre, one of Norfolk County's most popular cultural spaces. The Sandplains Serenade is performed by the The Sandplains Pickers, a bluegrass / folk band, which includes accomplished local musicians and songwriters Ian Bell, Darren and Alison Schott, and Matt Raitt, accompanied by renowned fiddler Shane Cook. Every song in the Serenade is written by a Norfolk County songwriter, and many are about the unique people, places, and traditions that make our community special.



Free Entertainment in Powell Park

Saturday, September 23
10:00am - 6:30pm


Tribal Vision
Presented by
Port Dover Board Of Trade
10:am - 10:45am
2:00pm - 2:45pm

Performances by Six Nations dance company Tribal Vision open the Saturday entertainment at Powell Park. Tribal vission features six dancers and a traditional singer performing locally significant dances in ceremonial dress.


Live Music in the Park

Presented by

Greenfield Dentistry

Cindy Dell 10:45am
Rachel Heart 11:15am
TBD 12:15pm
Scratches & Dents 12:30pm
Cindy Dell 1:30pm
Lacey Hill 3:00pm
TBD 4:00pm
In Debt 4:15pm
TBD 5:15pm
the 1z 5:30pm


High tea and guided tours of Clonmel Castle

Saturday, September 23, 1:00pm - 6:00pm


Presented by
Brimage Law

Guided tours of the estate, accompanied by an exhibition of Clonmel artifacts, including historical photos, original blueprints, building contracts, and more.

High tea service and live entertainment from 1:00 - 4:00pm for $20.


Norfolk County Summer: Being

Emerging media artist Celina Morris presents a bright, colourful, fast-paced video project that features Norfolk County experiences in the first person.  Exhibition locations to be determined.

Second Chance Studio Tour

Saturday, September 23, Harbour Hideaway, Erie Beach Hotel

Presented by

An exhibition and sale of art work by artists who participated in the 2017 Norfolk Studio Tour for people who missed the tour, or want a second look.  Artists include Caroline Muir, Ingrid Zyma-Irvin, Carol Gerrett, Michelle Snively-Jefferies, Pam Schneider, and Joanne Munzar.